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here i am, baby

signed, sealed, delivered - i'm yours

28 September 1980
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i am a 29 year old living outside of Philly. i live with my wife Greta, our crazy doggie scout, and our kitty Weetzie. i love to read and have an obsession with owning books. i do HR in the nonprofit world. i work to live, i never want to live to work. i'm sort of quirky. i can be antisocial. sometimes i like being alone, sometimes i just want to hang out with my little family, and sometimes i want to go out dancing and see everyone i know. i can not wait to have children and i try to educate myself as much as possible about parenting. things aren't always easy, but i know that i am exactly where i am supposed to be in my life. i love learning.

"Well I may be just a fool, but I know you're just as cool...and cool kids, they belong together."